Montag, 3. September 2007

Hi I'm Mark

I'm Mark Pocan,
and I'll blog today about my new Astores. Astores a special Stores made by Amazon-Affiliates (aka PartnerNet).

So here we go! I start with Goa Music one of my favorite genre! Nothing better then a good psytrance stream on the net! Next we got Astrotheologie - the German term for Astrotheology. That means the science/knowledge of the Stars (=Astro) with the background of the 'old-time' religions.. interesting topic, believe me! Next to that there comes Okkultismus, a nother German term.. in Englisch it's called "occultism".
Did you know the "Dogon"? There good books about the Dogon in German, too. All those topics relate in different ways to shamanism. The 'medicine mans' of those days. They hold and still hold fast knowledge about plants and animals.
Modern shamans are called "Theosophen" in Germany.
A modern way of magic is NLP a abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Founded by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder some 30 years ago.

That's it for today, get informed, shop smart and educate yourself about those hot and interesting topics! I'm sure they become mainstream material in the next five years, if they aren't it already.. So stay on top and read!